Best Japanese & Korean hair salon in Vancouver

Hair Salon

Our stylists are from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They are fashionable professionals who have experience with all types of hair. Most of them have over 10 years of experience in the hairstyling industry. Sharing the same goal and passion, they collaborate to ensure our clients fully enjoy their Luxor experience.

Our salon is conveniently located in one of the best neighborhoods in Vancouver West Side – Kerrisdale.

We are easily accessible by public transit (it takes only 25 – 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver and Richmond by skytrain and bus; parking spaces are provided at back of the salon.)

Our salon is designed based on the color of elegance, white. By incorporating green plants with a clean, professional background, we aim to create a refreshing feeling for our clients, just like the way they will feel after getting their hair done with us. With a total number of 15 stations, which are all equipped with professional hairstyling equipment, our salon is ready for you to bring your friends and family here together and enjoy the pursuit of ultimate beauty together.


The naming of our salon, Luxor, was inspired by the origin of ancient Egyptian beauty, hair care and cosmetics. Since Luxor is not only a city in Egypt, but also as a homophone of “Luxury”, it aligns with our idea of providing luxurious, outstanding and professional services to our clients. It would be our pleasure to invite you over to experience an amazing journey of beauty. Luxor Hair Salon is aiming to become the best hair salon in Vancouver.